Zest for Life Collection


Our Zest For Life Collection 3 Tea Collection (Chai, Vanilla Tea with Pods and Lemon & Ginger Tea) will bring back your Zest for life and increase your sense of wellbeing.


Chai - Our Signature Cheeky Chai Black Tea contains, Black Tea, Ginger Root, Cinnamon Bark, Cardamom Seeds. Chai has many fantastic health & Wellbeing benefits and it tastes delicious!


Vanilla Tea with Pods - Our delicate large leaf tea with vanilla pods and vanilla oil has a smooth and aromatic taste which makes for a perfect companion to black tea.


Lemon & Ginger Tea - Enjoy a spicy aromatic infusion of lemon peel with ginger root, fennel seeds, rosehip shells, apple and orange peel, an ideal tea for easing cold and flu symptoms.


Zest for Life Collection from Cheeky Chai